The benefits of working with the FM Sudafix Group on railway projects

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Why Use FM Sudafix

The FM Sudafix Group adds considerable value to any project team. Whether the programme needs the excellent electrical safety system technical and installation services of JMI Earthing, or the high performance products of FM Sudafix, it will be supported by experienced and innovative professionals.

The expertise within the team has been developed and refined over an array of successful rail projects in countries all over the world. Our organisation's legacy of success is built upon our performance on numerous projects and has resulted in ongoing partnerships and business relationships with companies operating in the rail sector. The JMI Earthing team's ability to harness current methods to overcome the challenges faced on rail projects all over the world enables it to continue to enhance the performance of a design and build contractor. When challenges on a project demand JMI and the wider FM Sudafix Group can always explore new options; historically the organisation has pioneered in developing new rail electrical safety solutions, both in terms of innovative designs and focalised product development.

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