Rail Bonds

Equipotential cable bonds suitable for railway projects

This product line is an essential component aspect of any railway programme as they provide electrical equipotentialisation between two conductive zones. Vital for bonding / coupling works.
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Rail Bonds

Rail bonds / rail couples / rail couplers are used to create zones of electrical equipotential. The amount of rail bonds required for a given system, or indeed, a given section of a rail system, will vary depending on the design, which itself should reflect the requirements of the area based upon the criteria laid out in the build specification. Rail bonds are made using the specific requirement of rail bonding cable with high quality lugs, with heat shrink covered joints, attached to enable the rail bond to be connected to the rail profile.

  • The method of attaching the rail bond requires accurate drilling of the rail and the use of a rail bonding kit, often referred to as a "rail contact kit". Once the rail bond is firmly, and cleanly, attached to the rail it will provide an electrical path between the sections of rail to which it is connected.
  • As rail bonds have to be connected between specific locations, which will have been determined at design stage, installers are likely to require exact lengths of rail bond. The FM Sudafix Group can provide completed rail bonds, ready to install, with rail bonding kits / rail contact kits, so all the site team need are drilled rails to finish the job. The time savings and performance benefits of having pre-fabricated rail bonds offers clearly identifies why our customers return time and again for them.
  • The FM Sudafix Group can specifically tag individual rail bonds after manufacture to capture its tested performance, which can be monitored throughout its use.
  • The FM Sudafix Group can have the cable part of the rail bond printed to cite the specific project, line, or company reference to enable traceabilty.
  • Use of FM Sudafix rail bonding kits / rail contact kits is recommended for use with rail bonds.
  • FM Sudafix can supply all rail drills, rail contact kits to enable easy installation, and if required can even install them as well: the FM Sudafix Group offers a complete rail bonding / rail coupling solution.

Electrical safety products for railways



An effective solution to join items from a range of metallic conductors together without the need for external power sources or any non-standard health and safety equipment.


Surge Protection Devices are used to protect equipment from the threats of fault current, which helps keep the valuable item working and railway lines running.
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