Rail Bonding Cable

Cables suitable for railway applications including equipotential bonding

Railway projects require a substantial amount of rail bonds, and for this an appropriate rail bonding cable must be sourced and FM Sudafix can support with this product range.
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Rail Bonding Cable

Rail systems use an enormous amount of a variety of sizes and specifications of cable. Each rail project team will have to procure kilometers of cable at a time, simply to keep up with the ongoing demand. As one element of the overall installation, rail earthing and bonding systems have a massive demand for cable.

  • Understanding the requirements of a project specification, for example, why one sort of cable is selected for use in earthing or bonding over another can prove difficult and FM Sudafix always endeavours to provide customers with accurate and clear information relating to any earthing and bonding cable that the company supplies.
  • There have been instances in the past where project buyers have enquired about one sort of earthing or bonding cable, only to find that once they have received information about that type of cable that it may not be the sort that they actually need for their application. At times like this the FM Sudafix Group technical department can support the selection of another cable, even commencing dialogue with the project consultant or end client on behalf of their customers to establish the right specification of earthing or bonding cable for a project.
  • The FM Sudafix Group endeavours to hold an appreciable amount of stock of a variety of cables commonly used on rail projects and because of this, and the technical support the company offers, the FM Sudafix Group is the nominated main supplier of earthing and bonding cable for a number of projects.

Electrical safety products for railways

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink

One of the defining characteristics of professionally manufactured cable bonds of any sort is the presence of heat shrink at joins and connections.
Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

Enabling users to terminate electrical cables, whilst enabling them to be joined to other conductive elements, high conductive cable lugs provide the practical solution.
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