Heat Shrink

Heat shrink tubing: make cable joints look professional and protect them from the elements

One of the defining characteristics of professionally manufactured cable bonds of any sort is the presence of heat shrink at joints and connections.
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Heat Shrink

When a cable lug is compressed over cable it is the accepted methodology to cover the connection location between them using heat shrink. Heat shrink is a tube, which looks rather like a bicycle inner tube, and is really rather self-descriptive! When you apply heat to this tube it shrinks in size, contracting to grip any item contained within. There are shrinkage tolerances so it is advised to size the tube as near to the item due to be sealed in advance.

  • The rail sector uses large quantities of heat shrink either directly in independent manufacture of rail bonds, or as a contributing product when purchasing pre-manufactured rail bonds.
  • Heat-shrink is also useful to possess on rail projects if electrical testing equipment is being used, certainly in cases where electrical wires are being trailed through potentially detritus-strewn construction areas, or places where site traffic is in larger volumes; providing that the site has a sufficiently long enough length of heat shrink it is likely that this secondary insulation will prevent inadvertent damage to the cables within.
  • The heat shrink supplied by FM Sudafix is made from flame retardant polyolefin. It is flexible and comprises a single thin wall. The manufacturing process ensures that the heat shrink has a low shrinkage temperature for ease of use in a workshop or on site. A clear indicator of its quality is identified by its UL approval, and its low-cost means that it can be deployed on projects with very restricted budgets.
  • The heat shrink that the FM Sudafix Group supplies has been used in various electrical, automotive and general industrial market segments and is ordered in large volumes. Applications for this great product include: general insulation, mechanical protection and colour identification of wire cables and harnesses, connectors and terminals, and electrical and electronic components.
  • The heat shrink possesses a high strength and resillience meaning that it is unlikely to be damaged even in demanding work environments. For the convenience and preference of customers this product can be supplied in: black, red, brown, grey, blue, yellow, green, white, orange, violet, clear is also available and yellow/green.
  • The minimum shrinkage temperature of the heat shrink supplied by FM Sudafix is +70 degrees centigrade, and its full recovery temperature is at +100 degrees centigrade. The functioning operating temperature is -55 degrees centigrade to +125 degrees centigrade, which indicates that countries, and their respective construction sites, all over the world can use this product. The shrinkage ratio of FM Sudafix heat shrink is 2:1 with a tensile strength of 14Mpa and a dialectric strength of 20kV/mm and flammability (VW-1) pass rating, FM Sudafix heat shrink is a robust addition to any project kit.

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Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

Enabling users to terminate electrical cables, whilst enabling them to be joined to other conductive elements, high conductive cable lugs provide the practical solution.


Helps beat thieves, whilst saving money and lives, and still managing to improve performance; it is unsurprising that Conducrete conductive concrete is always in high demand.
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