Electrical safety system design services

Calum Heath
I ensure that our technical team undertake all of their work to recognised standards. BS EN 50122:2010 Parts 2 & 3 are two vital documents that we rely upon when working on railway systems amongst an array of others. Through JMI, the technical works division of the FM Sudafix Group, we provide a range of design and installation services in accordance with standards, specifications and codes of practice. FM Sudafix supplies the products that JMI installation teams use when creating an electrical safety system.

Calum Heath General Manager


Rail Design

The design stage of electrical safety systems for railway projects needs to capture all of the specification criteria as well as the various interfaces with other construction elements. The design services for railway projects offered by JMI Earthing (part of the FM Sudafix Group) include the following disciplines:

  • Earthing / grounding systems
  • Stray Current Management systems
  • Equipotential Bonding / coupling systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Equipment overvoltage protection systems including Voltage Limiting Devices (VLDs) and Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

Electrical safety products for railways

Rail Bonding Cable

Rail Bonding Cable

Railway projects require a substantial amount of bonds rail bonds, and for this an appropriate rail bonding cable must be sourced.


Surge Protection Devices are used to protect equipment from the threats of fault current, which helps keep the valuable item working and railway lines running.
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