Earthing / Grounding systems are designed to protect lives and assets from dangerous fault electrical currents

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Without a safe earthing / grounding system people may be injured or killed and it is for that reason that they must be appropriately specified, designed and installed using effective methods and products. Fault electrical current can, and must, be managed to ensure that the rail system operates efficiently and safely without exposing users and staff, or proprietary assets to the hazards it presents.

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Earthing / Grounding

Effective earthing / grounding systems need to be installed at designated areas, such as platforms, trackside equipment, signals, and interfacing structures. Electrical safety performance is of vital importance.

  • Earthing / grounding systems often vary in arrangement based upon the following criteria: the surrounding soil resistivity, the element requiring fault current protection, whether it interfaces with other elements, and the level of protection from thieves required.
  • Anyone working in the railway sector knows that thieves pose a constant threat to products and materials used in construction and maintenance of such systems. Frequently the quantity of copper (a valuable non-ferrous metal) used within earthing / grounding systems can be reduced and protected if high performance conductive concrete is incorporated into the earthing system. FM Sudafix nominates Conducrete, as it recognises the significant ability to value engineer earthing / grounding systems.
  • Fault electrical current can cause death to living beings, can destroy valuable assets and can result in a rail system being forced to close, however it can be effectively managed to ensure that the hazards are controlled. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Electrical safety products for railways



Helps beat thieves, whilst saving money and lives, and still managing to improve performance; it is unsurprising that Conducrete conductive concrete is always in high demand.


Voltage Limiting Devices help to provide a safe method of controlling and discharging fault current and are often installed on structures or extraneous conductive items.
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