Bonding / Coupling systems are used to create zones of electrical equipotential

John Maher
Challenges regularly arise on railway projects and that is half of the fun. If a challenge presents significant impacts or difficulties experience really does become of considerable value. The substantial experience within our organisation feeds innovation and helps refine our approach, and it is this critical difference which results in the JMI element of the FM Sudafix Group truly surpassing other sector companies.

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Bonding / Coupling

Determining the appropriate bonding / coupling arrangement on a railway system requires experience and informed judgment. Equipotential bonding installations on light rail systems also demand the consideration of potential conductive elements that fall within the 'drop zone' in the event that an overhead power line snaps.

  • The amount of rail to rail, and track to track bonds required for a given system, or indeed, a given section of a rail system is subject to the build specification, system wide earthing / grounding policy, codes of practice and standards. Familiarity with these sorts of documents enables a designer to determine an appropriate system, and provide the installation team with an effective arrangement.
  • Rail bonding / coupling involves equipment, structure, and continuity elements and must be effective to vouchsafe the ongoing reliability of the railway system.
  • Appointing a reliable associate company for electrical safety systems is important. JMI, as part of the FM Sudafix Group, can specify, design, supply, install, commission and test bonding / coupling arrangements on railway systems.

Electrical safety products for railways



Helps beat thieves, whilst saving money and lives, and still managing to improve performance; it is unsurprising that Conducrete conductive concrete is always in high demand.
Rail Bonds

Rail Bonds

This product line is an essential component aspect of any railway programme as they provide electrical equipotentialisation between two conductive zones.
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