Railway earthing specialists with
design, consultancy, installation and rail products including rail bonds,
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What is the FM Sudafix Group?

Primarily involved in the electrical safety and protective systems on significant projects, FM Sudafix possesses the expertise and renowned service and product portfolio to effectively manage the risk profile of any project. With vast experience in working on light and heavy railway systems the organisation is a logical choice of electrical safety partner.

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Rail earthing products

Copper theft protection with Conducrete®

Conducrete® reduces the demand for non-ferrous metal components in earthing / grounding systems and protects those contained within from corrosion and theives. Conducrete® dramatically enhances the performance of earthing / grounding systems by providing superior electrical protection for facilities, assets and life.
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Rail earthing specialists

Unique challenges facing rail projects

Rail earthing specialists
All aspects relating to electricity on rail projects have to be managed. Any electrical element in a rail system which is not managed has the potential to introduce significant deficiencies, or could manifest into life threatening hazards. A rail project with efficient electrical elements will save money, down time, and most importantly lives. There is nothing to gain in taking a chance, and everything to gain, be it the prestige, peace of mind, budget savings, as well as many other benefits by working with the FM Sudafix Group.

Rail electrical
safety specialists

Helping save lives and protect assets all over the world

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It is essential that rail projects, be they light or heavy rail, effectively address the hazards presented by electricity. Whether your project requires a rail bonding solution, an earth bonding solution, cable, earthing/grounding products, surge protection devices, signalling earthing solutions or Voltage Limiting Devices (VLDs) FM Sudafix will be able to provide, supply and support your project.

Technical & Design Services

Expertise with a practical approach

technical services
Awareness and engagement with the whole process of developing an electrical safety system for the railway sector enables JMI to provide a superior service to main contractors. Being able to draw on decades of railway experience the company can independently design value engineered solutions in a range of disciplines, and where required undertake the necessary installation, commissioning and testing works makes JMI the obvious choice.
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